Trapped In The Closet

Back For An All New Season, It’s: IAN BELL’S BROWN DERBY SERIES

Trapped In The Closet

Some say R. Kelly should never have tried to extend his talents into the theatrical genre, while an equal percentage (if not greater) say that the Brown Derby company should never set foot in the R&B genre...but neither party can help but trespass where they've been told they shouldn't go, and so:

The Brown Derby will attempt to perform it's interpretation of R. Kelly's Trapped In The Closet (Chapters 1-12), bringing to life, on stage: love triangle upon love triangle, cliff hanger upon cliff hanger, and guns, guns, GUNS! The Brown Derby version of Trapped In The Closet will be presented virtually unedited and without alteration to the "Libretto" - because, well, why mess with perfection, right? Plus, the evening will be peppered with reenacted excerpts of Mr. Kelly's DVD Commentary, thereby giving us a deeper insight into the genius who originally penned this Hip-Operatic masterwork

Scott Shoemaker
Evan Mosher
Imogen Love
David Gehrman
Josh Hartvigson
Joe Randazzo
Cory Nealy
Erin Stewart

Directed & Narrated by Ian Bell
Adapted By Ian Bell & Ross Whippo

June 5, 6, 7!