2016 Series

Back For An All New Season, It’s: IAN BELL’S BROWN DERBY SERIES

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"WEIRD SCIENCE": John Hughes' 1985 screenplay gives a Frankenstein treatment to Hollywood's "Horny Geek" Genre. Gary (orig. Anthony Michael Hall) and Wyatt (orig. Ilan Mitchell-Smith) are too nerdy to get laid and can't get a break from Wyatt's mean big brother Chet (orig. Bill Paxton), and the bullies at school (orig. Robert Downey Jr. & Robert Rusler). Late one night during a sleep over their desperation leads them to do what teen-aged boys do together: create a living woman with magical powers named Lisa (orig. Kelly Lebrock)!
FEATURING: David Gehrman as Gary (Anthony Michael Hall)
Scott Shoemaker as Wyatt (Ilan Mitchell-Smith)
Andrew Tasakos as Lisa (Kelly Lebrock)
Jason Sharp as Chet (Bill Paxton)
Shane Wahlund as Ian & Hilly (Robert Downey Jr. & Judie Aronson)
Freddy Molitch as Max & Deb (Robert Rusler & Suzanne Snyder)

May 12, 13, 14, 2106!