Back For An All New Season, It’s: IAN BELL’S BROWN DERBY SERIES


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Ian Bell's Brown Derby Series returns one last time in 2015 to present POLTERGEIST (just in time for Halloween!) FOUR (4) NIGHTS ONLY, Thur. 10/22, Fri. 10/23, Sat. 10/24, Sun. 10/25!

It's been 12 years since the Brown Derby famously ventured into the spirit realm via the portal created by the 1982 Spielberg screenplay, "POLTERGEIST"! Come see the Freeling Family join forces with Dr. Lesh, and Tangina to rescue their kidnapped daughter from the grip of the spirit world! This time we're going in fresh, with new cast members and all new jokes ...well, ok, we might dust off a few jokes from the first time, but only the very worst ones!

Featuring: Joe Randazzo, Imogen Love, Cory NealyFreddy Molitch Lisa Sanphillipo, Scott Shoemaker, Heidi Tripple with tech by Todd LaTodd, Directed By Ian Bell!

October 22, 23, 24, 25 2015!